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A few words for visitors who don't read French

There is no English version of this site, nor are there any plans for one. Why not? Because it is entirely devoted to science fiction in French and as such can be of interest only to those who can at least read it.

is a bibliographical database of science fiction published in French. It is an ongoing work whose ultimate goal is to catalog all the books in Quarante-Deux's extensive collection.
The Little Guide to French Language Fan Publications was created and maintained by Jean-Pierre Queille until July 2017.
un Honneur insoutenable
details some French language science fiction awards.
les Archives stellaires
contains various articles (reviews, transcripts of conferences, prefaces, etc.). Some parts were published in magazines years ago and are just about impossible to find.
Keep Watching the Skies! is a science fiction review fanzine published irregularly by Pascal J. Thomas. When a new issue is sent to subscribers, the previous one is published online.
Cosmos privés
Personal blogs. Entries can be about anything of interest to the author but should have something to do with science fiction.
le Verre lent
Photo albums of science fiction events.
les Récits de l'espace
presents selected science fiction short stories, either written originally in French or translated.
la Galerie virtuelle
presents artwork by French speaking artists. This part of the site doesn't have much text, so it can be of interest even to those who don't read French.

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